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What am I going to do this Summer?

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Top 3 “What are we going to do this Summer?” Events (for adults who have kids, but don’t want to bring them to the social events, this can also be for adults without kids, but primarily for adults…who enjoy libations)

The Beach

You don’t have to go to the beach, you just need to be near a beach, or on a beach, or in a beach house. Nothing says, get away and hang out with family or friends like staying at a place on the beach. These are a few locations that I would recommend. This could have it’s own blog post, as memories are popping into my head…

  1. The Gulf Shores (Pensacola to Panama City) - The old School Southern party locations haven’t gone away, they’ve just matured in recent years. Most of the older local establishments still remain…ie. Flora-Bama, Coyote Ugly, Pineapple Willies, Schooners…and some new ones, that I’m much too old for - enter Club LaVela…

  2. Ocean City - This place was, and still is a place to be. When I lived in Baltimore, and since, everyone from the DC/Baltimore Metro area was there every weekend from May-Sept…

  3. Miami - Bienvenido a Miami - if you’ve never been, then you will never know. Young to old, there is plenty of clean good fun to be had…Nevermind that Scarface Movie…

  4. Anywhere, CA - California coast line is money. There’s pretty good beer out there too.

  5. Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach - Hilton Head is more of an old school hangout, for me it reminds me a bit of Ocean City. Myrtle can be the same, but if you take a minute to look around, there are plenty of potential pub crawl, and day drinking locations.

  6. Honestly, this isn’t really by the beach, but it’s near the water - Charleston. I love this place. Go VRBO a house on the Isle of Palms, or stay downtown. I’ve done two pub crawls, and three soccer tournaments here, that finished with pub crawls. The craft beer, the food, the fireball, and the Irish car bombs all add to the aura. That’s my memory of it…(RIP J.A.W. - James Adam Watson)

Summer Concerts

Let’s be honest, this is an easy one. Who doesn’t love getting to a concert two hours before the start, cracking open a few cold ones, and hanging out with friends. Let’s be honest, the pre-gaming event is almost as good as the concert. 2022 is starting with Kenny Chesney, and will likely see some ZBB, Darius Rucker, DMB , some Jack Johnson, Chris Stapleton…note, I won’t be going to see the Rod Stewart or Backstreet Boys concert, where I sing the sweet sweet lyrics of “I Want It That Way.” That will never happen (again). Give me some country or some classic rock at The Ruoff Music Center, Gainbridge Fieldhouse, Lakewood Ampitheatre, The Tabernacle, or The Variety Playhouse.

Sunday Funday - Who doesn’t like Sunday Funday

Technically, Sunday Funday can be executed any time of the year but it’s so, so much better in the Summer. My recommendation on how to properly initiate the sed Sunday Funday, is to proceed with the following steps.

  • Make sure to pre-plan a weekend where you have no activities (if you have kids).

  • Planning ahead (if you can), you have a plan to have the in/outlaws take the kids for the afternoon - say around brunch on Sunday.

  • Hit it hard on Saturday (after the kids go to bed).

  • Wake up Early - embrace the suck

  • Get out in front of your #blackstone Grill, with a Mimosa, Bloody Mary, or Screwdriver, and start cooking all of the bakon.

  • Text the neighborhood…ask “Is anyone partying?”

  • Make more bakon.

  • Have another breakfast drink high in Vitamin C

  • Make more bakon, add eggs, hashbrowns, lots of cheese. Make enough for unexpected guests.

  • Go sit out in the driveway, and send another text to the neighborhood.

  • Head feeling better, commence socialization #neverdrinkalone

  • Break-out Charcuterie Board for Lunch.

  • Continue enjoying the festivities, libations, and friends. FaceTime your parents, and friends far away, share a drink with them (#vdt).

  • Eat dinner to soak up your funday.

  • Make sure the party ends at a reasonable time, between 7:00p and 9:00p. It’s been a long day.

  • Have a desert bakon, brush and go to bed

  • Celebrate waking up and having memories of your Sunday Funday.

River Float

Now, this may come to you as a surprise, but this is all the fun it sounds like. I’ll reference some float locations I’ve been on, in this blog, but I’m not talking about white water rafting. That’s far too much work for a mid summer afternoon’s day. There are many reasons that this is an awesome summer activity.

  1. A float can range from 1 hour to 4, 5, or 6 hours! Talk about making a day of it.

  2. Little to no exercise is required (there are fun exercise locations as well, but this blog is not about exercise)

  3. You can go by yourself, with a spouse, with a friend and their spouse or significant other, and even with your kids! Include as many friends as you can, or as few as you want.

  4. Beer and Subs. I prefer the 4 hour float, which can turn into the 6 hour float if you’re not careful. We plan one cooler per 2 people, and one foot-long sub per person. That should fit splendidly into your cooler.

Some important preparation notes. Whatever then number of beers or seltzer’s you prefer for yourself (it’s a beer event for me, shotguns and all), then multiply that by 2. You’ll end up drinking more than you think. To be safe, grab a bottle of water or 4. Bring sunscreen, and if you have a waterproof sac, bring that as well, as a ziplock for your phone, and wallet. The White River in Indiana, has options for a 2 hour float, or a 4 hour float, depending on what company you go with, I think that the Chattahoochee float in Atlanta does as well (Indy -, Atlanta - Most of these river companies, have tubes or canoes for rental. Once you arrange those logistics, pack the cooler, rent a cooler tube, get in the water, and bottoms up!

Just some thoughts on some of the events that I have to do every summer. Concert season starts tomorrow!

Honorable Mention - NASCAR Race, Pub Crawl (I still love doing those), Cub’s Friday Day Game - followed by Wrigleyville, Driveway Drinking

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