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Our Story


The Godfather's of The VDT

Seven years ago, two strangers met at a long arduous business meeting.  Over the duration of the week long meeting, their bond would grow.  In the evenings the two would share stories of their sales triumphs, travels, family, and smart ties, over libations at the local watering hole.  Upon closure of the highly successful meeting (due 98% to @jimithang12 and @beebles13 participation), these two juggernnaughts of industry could not find closure.  How would they continue to enjoy each other's company, with over 2,000 miles between them?  It would have to be virtual.

We're Pregnant...with Ideas

The only way for The Godfather's to share experiences together was, to do it virtually.  Henceforth, the creation The Virtual Drinking Team.  They have been sharing their favorite beers, liquors, bars, taverns, and social experiences with each other and other fellow Drinkers of the Round Table since 2012.


Never Drink Alone


The Virtual Drinking Team connects you with family, friends, co-workers, alumni, and anyone else you may want to share an experience with, but are unable to because of distance to travel, or because of the 6' rule and #socialdistancing.  We want to bring people together.  Follow other Virtual Drinking Team members on Instagram (thevdtnda), Twitter (@VDTNDA), Facebook (The VDT), and coming soon on YouTube. 

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Updates will include merchandise releases, an all new app, and a member subscriptions that "has it's privilege..."

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Thanks, you'll #neverdrinkalone !

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