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Cinco De Mayo Celebration with a Mexican Beer Tasting!

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Cinco de Mayo is six days away as I write this. The countdown has begun. I enjoy this holiday and the fun it brings. Who doesn’t like tacos, Mexican beers, margaritas, tequila, Mexican music and celebrating with friends?

I decided this year to do something different and sample some of the varieties of Mexican beer and give my feedback on each of them. One beer that I did not decide to taste, well let’s just say I just couldn’t bring myself to review it with everything happening around us. Plus it gives me a headache, go figure.

Let the tasting begin!

Negra Moledo

My first beer was the Negra Modelo. It’s a 5.4% It’s a Munich Dunkel Lager style. Dark in appearance, hints of a nutty flavor and smokey caramel. I like this beer very much. If you look at the picture you will see a picture of me and my family at the Corona factory in Mexico City. The Negra Modelo is brewed there as well. We had to submit information to the brewery 3 months in advance to get approval to take a tour. So different from touring breweries in the US. When we arrived, they had armed men outside the plant with machine guns. They produce over a million beers there in a month and that is just for Mexico City!

Dos Equis Lager Especial

The second beer was a Dos Equis Lager Especial. This 4.2% high alcohol demon (I’m kidding) is a light pilsner style. Slightly sweet with a flat finish. Not a bad beer, crushable for a few, not any more than that.

Tecate Original

The third beer was Tecate Original. It’s a 4.5% golden lager. Dry, crisp with a slightly bitter taste. Best place to enjoy this beer is down the drain. Ya, I said that! No Bueno!

The Pacifico

The fourth beer was the Pacifico. It is a 4.5% and is a Mexican pilsner-style beer. I tasted a light crisp, faint aroma of roasted grains. I love this beer. It's my Coors Light of Mexican beer. This is my favorite of all Mexican beers.

Cerveza Luna de Miel

The fifth beer was something new. Cerveza Luna de Miel (which means honeymoon) A brewery out of Sacrament, CA called Urban Roots. It is a 4.8%. They call it a Mexican style amber lager. It tastes like a light porter with chocolate notes and cinnamon.

The aftermath photo. It was a fiesta of a time!

The Main Chorizo!

Carlos Gonzales (LOS)

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